How to be more productive

I have teamed up with the folks at Business Insider to make this short video containing science-based tips on how to be more productive and a better leader. Enjoy!
Why should I care about Kubernetes, Docker, and Container Orchestration? - Scott Hanselman

A person at work chatted me, commenting on my recent blog posts on the Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Clusters that are being built, and wondered "why should I care about Kubernetes or Docker or any of that stuff?"
No gas, no heat; Georgia customers put up in hotels by Infinite Energy 

Infinite Energy couldn't get gas turned on in freezing cold, so it offered hotel rooms to 52 customers
Not so infinite, then... ;-)
Would you rely for basic services on a company whose name contradicts the most fundamental law of physics?! Would you get a DNA test from "Creationism Inc.? Do you not double your attention when the car in front of you carries a bumper sticker "insured by God"?
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IEI is sponsoring a hackathon at UF this weekend. We just got our booth set up and we are next to...... Facebook.
I didn't see him. If I see him on Sunday, I'll be sure to give him your best wishes. ;-)

The event:

SwampHacks 2018
SwampHacks is a 36 hour open coding event where students become creators. In the time allotted, students from around the country come together at the University of Florida to collaborate on projects, mingle in activities, and network with sponsors for a fully immersive experience.
A video made by the organizers of some of the extracurricular activities that happened this weekend. I missed most of this as my shifts were at the beginning and end of the event. Look for all the light green bags scattered throughout. Those were our "goodie bags" that we handed out as they came in.

SwampHacks IV: Recap Hack
by Abel Paguio on YouTube
Look for all the light green bags scattered throughout. Those were our "goodie bags" that we handed out as they came in.
With music. :-D

Little Green Bag- Reservoir Dogs
by Calum North on YouTube
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Systems Engineer Day | Infinite Energy


We celebrate Nov. 25 as Systems Engineer Day. We caught up with one of our own masters of the matrix, Infinite Energy’s Marshall S.
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Very cool!  And I don't know what happened in the last couple of days, but we can interact now!  Hooray!  This sentence added so that not all of them end in exclamation points, although I really am that excited.
For any of us who felt exclamation deprived by @Jake Moomaw 's comment

Want People to Behave Better? Give Them More Privacy

Workers often do their best when bosses don't monitor their every move
This software start-up can tell your boss if you’re looking for a job

Is it Big Brother? Or does it offer companies and workers big benefits?

I suppose that depends on whether your boss is a dick.
No resume, no job posting, no application, no interview: Microsoft Video Edition
Microsoft recently asked me to talk for 20 minutes to thousands of IT (information technology) professionals whose jobs are at risk due to rapid changes in technology and in the economy. What can they do to save their careers? What kind of work should they do next?

Sound familiar?

I tuned my comments for Microsoft’s 3-day TechNet Virtual Conference (March 1-3, 2016) — but what I told the audience applies to any line of work, and it’s from the core Ask The Headhunter ideas we discuss here every week. This video includes about 20 minutes of me talking about the new economics of work, and 15 more of Q&A we did via Skype afterwards. A big thank-you to Microsoft and Channel9 for sharing this video with the Ask The Headhunter community.
Some of our female software engineers have formed a group called Women in Technology. Last week, they had the first of what is planned to be a series of speakers. They recorded video of the event and I have put it online so that I can share them with people. I'm posting about it in case any of you are interested. The video is in two parts. The first part is Virginia Roberts, who works here at IEI and the second part is Angela Pate who was a founder of Startup Quest and There is also a PowerPoint presentation from Angela's talk. I haven't had time to watch it myself, but I've heard nothing but good things so far. The production quality of the video falls in the "home movie" category. I think recording it was a last-minute thought. I guess I just ruined the "nothing but good things" bit. :-)

As a reminder, my hub is home-based, so my outgoing speed is lame compared to a hosted server.
I should mention that, because of strange problems I have never taken the time to track down, I cycle my web server every 2 hours at 10 minutes after even hours, my time (eastern US). We are -5 UTC, so that means 10 minutes past odd hours UTC. So, if you wish to download, time it accordingly, as it will take a while at my upload speed and I don't know if there is any sort of recovery mechanism to continue where it left off, if interrupted.
You're welcome to set up a clone on my server and host it from there.  I'm on Contabo, and the server does get a wee slow at times, but the upstream is a lot better than a home account.
Thanks! I've already sent out the link to a bunch of people, so I'll probably leave these as they are, but I'll remember this option in case I need it in the future.
Ten Persuasive Behaviors For Meetings

I am often asked what behaviors are useful in meetings. Tough question to answer because context, culture, purpose, topic, and time all factor in. But if I had to pick ten behaviors that are not often talked about, that are persuasive and that positively influence others in just about any setting, here they are: