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Legalizing marijuana requires a tiny action from those who agree

Will you do it? Click and act.

Three specific actions below:

Protect the medical marijuana states from federal tyranny!

The Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment protects marijuana states from federal tyranny. But it must be extended yearly. Tell Congress to renew it.

Help get more cosponsors for the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act

This bill dictates that the Controlled Substances Act "shall not apply to any person acting in compliance with State laws relating to...marijuana."

Help Reps like Justin Amash get cosponsors for the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act

This bill removes marijuana from the Controlled Substances Schedule 1 (effectively legalizing it at the federal level) while prohibiting marijuana importation into states where it remains illegal.
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Everyone You Love Did Drugs
by ReasonTV on YouTube

It turns out that a lot of accomplished, well-respected historical figures did drugs. From Winston Churchill taking amphetamines to Thomas Edison lacing his wine with cocaine, not everyone who uses narcotics is a hopeless basket case living in a dumpster. While some drug users spiral into addiction and crime, others go on to become president. It's time to debunk the age old stereotypes of the back alley dangerous dealer or the lazy stoner when, according to the National Survey on Drug Use, roughly half of all Americans have tried an illegal drug. In the latest "Mostly Weekly" host Andrew Heaton breaks down the cartoonish Drug Warrior portrayal of drugs by showing some of the beloved historical figures who used them.
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Norway Decriminalizes Drug Use - The Nordic Page

Drug use will no longer be punished, but treated in Norway. The majority in the Storting (Norwegian Parliament) agrees on the historic transformation of Norwegian drug policy. – The majority will stop punishing people who struggle, but instead give them help and treatment,” said Nicolas Wilkinson, SV’s health spokesman in the Parliament to VG. Labor …
This was a quite surprising experience when I came to Norway. It got quickly obvious at the school, that the whole topic got handled quite different from what I knew from my school in Germany. Also when we came back from a school trip to Barcelona the whole bus got stopped at the customs and everyone got checked at great length.
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The History Channel Is Finally Telling the Stunning Secret Story of the War on Drugs

For decades the U.S. government has engaged in a shifting series of alliances of convenience with the world’s largest drug cartels.

To watch the four 2-hour episodes online:

America's War on Drugs Full Episodes, Video & More | HISTORY

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Or maybe the History Channel's site is such a bloated piece of shit that it doesn't work.
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Massive scientific report on marijuana confirms medical benefits


Effective pain treatment is a top conclusion, but risks and unanswered questions remain.
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Cash-only marijuana dispensaries flood California tax office with paper

The Sacramento branch of the California tax collection agency reeks of marijuana.

That’s because it’s cash day at the collection center – when marijuana dispensary owners are allowed to bring in paper money to pay their quarterly sales tax bill – and the smell of their inventory clings to everything.

California, like all states with any form of legalized marijuana, faces a growing problem over the federal government’s position that cannabis remains a Schedule 1 illegal drug, classified the same way as meth or cocaine, with no legal uses – and therefore no legal access to traditional banks.
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Read that title in Jeff Foxworthy's voice

If you fly between Chicago and L.A. you might be a drug dealer, according to the DEA

In April of this year, two Drug Enforcement Administration task force members stopped a man named Issa Serieh at Los Angeles International Airport, asked him some questions, and seized $30,750 in cash off of him. They sent him on his way without charging him with a crime.

If you get stopped for any reason and have a lot of cash, you might be a drug dealer!