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Given the recent "fuck you"s given to us by Congress, this seems appropriate to throw out there.

Welcome - U.S. Term Limits

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Sign Petition to Stop “Witchhunt” Against Professor Tim Noakes
Sign Petition to Stop “Witchhunt” Against Professor Tim Noakes

Professor Tim Noakes was recently found innocent after a three-year-long trial, about a low-carb tweet. But even that was not the end, as the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) has appealed the not guilty verdict.

To make things worse, the HPCSA also gets to appoint the committee hearing the case. Effectively they get to judge their own appeal.

This doesn’t look like justice. It looks like a witchhunt against a respected scientist who dares to question nutritional dogma. If you want to protest against this, you can sign a new petition. It went live a week ago and now has over 7,000 signatures: Health Professions Council of South Africa: Prof Tim Noakes: Stop the Witchhunt Against Him

More background and comments from Professor Noakes:

Health24: Stop the madness and back Noakes, begs online petition

Professor Noakes on Winning His Trial

Professor Tim Noakes Found Innocent!

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New rules at the airport could force you to hand over your phone


Big changes for international travelers. Here’s what you need to know.
I'm quite happy with my revived 2005 Nokia brick after the Android died a cruel death. They don't make drivers for modern operating systems so it seems you have to email yourself the 320x200px photos if you want to ever get them off the phone. I'm not joking.
I'll just carry a paperback book across the border.

Subversive. They'll spend hours photographing the pages under UV and analysing the paper to find out what you're up to.
You may know the story of the boy who rode up on a bicycle and carried a bag of sand daily through the US/Mexico border. Every day the bag was thoroughly examined and was found to contain nothing but sand. He did this for years. Every day it was examined.

Much later in life one of the customs agents ran int to the (now grown) boy. "We know you were smuggling, but we never caught you. Tell me. It's OK, it was a long time ago."

"I was smuggling bicycles."