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And the fastest growing bank asset in 2017 was… SUBPRIME!
They say that goldfish have the shortest memory in the Animal Kingdom… something like 3-seconds. But it turns out this isn’t actually true. Researchers at the Israeli Technion Institute of Technology conducted an experiment in 2009 proving that even the tiniest fish could be trained to recall certain sounds after as long as FIVE MONTHS. According to another study from the University of Chicago, Dolphins ostensibly have the best memories in the Animal Kingdom, and in an experiment were able to recall a distinct whistle after 20 YEARS. Then there are bankers… financius dumbassus, a curious species not fully related to the Animal Kingdom, somewhat descended from protozoa, who display […]
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Given the drop in savings rate, I suspect these loans aren't made so much with our money as they are with freshly printed money churned out by the Federal Reserve. When the whole shit show collapses again and the douche-canoe politicians bail out their good buddies, it will be tacked onto the national debt. Maybe, in the end, it is our grandkid's money that they are speculating with.
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Elizabeth Anderson on Worker Rights and Private Government | EconTalk | Library of Economics and Liberty


Philosopher Elizabeth Anderson of the University of Michigan and author of Private Government talks about her book with EconTalk host Russ Roberts. Anderson argues that employers have excessive power over employees that we would never accept from government authority. Topics discussed include the role of competition in potentially mitigating employer control, whether some worker rights should be inviolate, potential measures for empowering employees, and the costs and benefits over time of a relatively unregulated labor market.

It's a Wonderful Loaf
by Policyed on YouTube

A whimsical animated short film based on Russ Roberts's poem about emergent order and the supply of bread. For more information and resources related to the ideas in this film, visit

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Why is it that people in large cities like Paris or New York City people sleep peacefully, unworried about whether there will be enough bread or other necessities available for purchase the next morning? No one is in charge--no bread czar. No flour czar. And yet it seems to work remarkably well. Don Boudreaux of George Mason University and Michael Munger of Duke University join EconTalk host Russ Roberts to discuss emergent order and markets. The conversation includes a reading of Roberts's poem, "It's a Wonderful Loaf."