Was World War Two a "good war?"

Things look very different if we look at all the results.
This was very interesting. That viewpoint is rarely discussed in schools I believe.
<small rant> I get really annoyed with these people who think that we need government to "protect our rights and liberties." I wish these saps and dolts would open their eyes and realise that government is the biggest violator of "rights and liberties" there is. I am coming to the opinion that perhaps only governments can violate our rights and liberties. One can walk away from other violators, vote with their feet or avoid your enemy. Government is pervasive and avoiding government nonsense is turning into a full-time job.  </ small rant>
Admittedly I didn't get to the article yet, but what the hell is a "good war"? The belief that war can ever be justified is one that mankind needs to collectively dispense with in order to lay claim to being an intelligent species.